Fresh Pea Risotto with Spicy Grilled Shrimp

I’ve got to tell you, I’ve made this recipe for Fresh Pea Risotto and Spicy Grilled Shrimp and couldn’t get over how delicious it was.  I probably could have liked the bowl clean if it would have been socially acceptable! Print Fresh Pea Risotto with Spicy Grilled Shrimp Ingredients1 tablespoon oil 1/2 tablespoon creole spice blend 1/2 pound shrimp (peeled and more »

Guinness Stew

One of the things that I love about cooking is sharing it with friends and family, everything from the preparation to sitting down at the table.  Here is the Guinness Stew Recipe that I will be making this Sunday in our first Let’s Cook Together event.  You can choose to make this recipe, pick your own or try a completely more »

top 10 meal planning ideas

Menu Planning Top 10

The most dreaded question by moms all over the place is “What’s for dinner?”  Figuring out the answer everyday is a tough job, but someone has to do it.  That’s why I came up with this Menu Planning Top 10 list to help you meet that challenge. Designate one night a week “Kitchen Sink” night.  Create a buffet out of more »

9 Moves to Shrink Your Muffin Top

9 Moves to Shrink Your Muffin Top

Vegan Fried Pickles

Vegan Fried Pickles

Vegan Fried Pickles Eating vegan go do more good than you expect, from improving your overall health (a lower fat diet with more vegetables), to lowering your carbon footprint (cattle and other food animals are a major producer of greenhouse gasses).  Like many, I was open to the idea of eating vegan (at least some of the time), but was more »

Cabbage, Beet and Carrot Slaw

Try this amazing Cabbage, Beet and Carrot Slaw recipe for something different to serve at your next backyard barbecue or along side your favorite fish sandwich. I wanted something different than the tried and true coleslaw or even broccoli salad.  I think the mix of cabbage, beets and carrots is wonderful and the dressing brightens it all up.  I must more »

shareurrecipes copy

Share Your Recipes

Share your recipes with Good Food Good Friends!! I hope you are enjoying the recipes at Good Food Good Friends. I love cooking and sharing my recipes.  In fact I spend a great deal of time combing through cookbooks, magazines and the Internet looking for great recipes and ideas. One of the great things about Good Food Good Friends is the more »

Grilled Potato Salad with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Seems like every cookout has it’s fair share of potato salad.  Usually the tried and true version with mayo, mustard and sweet pickles.  Now I’m not knocking this version.  In fact I love this version.  My mom makes it the best!  I could eat it all day long (including breakfast) but it’s always nice to have a something different.  I more »

The 10 Workout

Sometimes too much good food is not a good thing!  Try this intense 10 Workout for a quick cardio blast.  Repeat as necessary.

Pineapple-Chile Margarita

Here’s my entry in this year’s Margaritaville Margarita Challenge. Ingredients: 2 cups pineapple juice 1 cup coarsely chopped pineapple 1 jalapeno pepper, coarsely chopped 6 oz tequila ice cubes Rim Garnish: Combine course salt and chili powder in a shallow bowl. Wet rim of glass with a lime. Dip into salt mixture. Directions: Combine pineapple juice, pineapple chunks, jalapeno pepper more »

Firery Shrimp Noodle Bowl

Firery Shrimp Noodle Bowl

This recipe for Firery Shrimp Noodle Bowl is low in calories but packed full of flavor.  Make this dish as spicy as you’d like but adding more or less of the Thai Chili peppers.  I like it hot! So I even add a little sriracha chili sauce to my bowl for extra kick. Print Firery Shrimp Noodle Bowl Ingredients1 lb more »

Berry and Goat Cheese Salad

Ingredients: 1 Cup Fresh Strawberries 2 Tbsp. Balsamic Vinegar 1 Tbsp. Olive Oil 1 tsp. Honey 2 Tbsp. Chopped Pistachio Nuts 1 4 oz. log goat cheese 4 Cups Arugula Leaves 1 cup mixed blackberries, blueberries and strawberries Directions: For the dressing: in blender combine 3/4 cup of strawberries, vinegar, oil, and honey. Blend until smooth. Set aside. Spread the more »

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