banana berry smoothie bowl

Banana Berry Smoothie Bowl

Get your camera ready – a photo of this gorgeous smoothie bowl recipe is sure to brighten up your Instagram feed. It begins with Strawberry Shakeology as a base. To that, add blueberries, banana, blackberries, and a variety of nuts and seeds to give it texture and healthy omega-3 fats.. And, plenty of ice to thicken it up and make… Continue reading »


Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Black Bean and Corn Salsa This Black Bean and Corn Salsa might be my husbands all-time favorite salsa including any store brand you can buy. I like it because it’s all fresh and easy to pull together. Plus, who doesn’t love a recipe that does double or even triple duty.  I like to use this salsa on a grilled chicken… Continue reading »

Mocha Caramel Latte Shakeology

Mocha Caramel Latte Shakeology

Have you ever woken up and been overcome by a desperate craving for a Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino, walked straight to your car (still wearing pajamas), and made a beeline to the nearest Starbucks drive-thru? I’m asking for a friend. OK, that was a lie. I’m asking for me. How do they make those milkshakes/blended coffee drinks so darn irresistible?… Continue reading »

Meal Prep

How To Be A Meal Prep Rockstar

Learn how to plan and prepare healthy food in advance to make healthy eating convenient and easy and become a meal prep rockstar.  It also makes decisions easier: You don’t have to make a choice when you’re rushed and hangry. Your meal prep ritual can include: Shopping (or arranging to have food delivered) Menu and meal planning Washing and chopping vegetables… Continue reading »

Free Beachbody Membership

Are you looking for accountability? Do you need help reaching your fitness goals? Do you sometimes struggle with knowing how to eat healthy or what to eat?  Do you WANT ME as your FREE BEACHBODY COACH?!?! If you answered “YES” to any of these questions then I can help! By signing up for your FREE Beachbody membership,  you’ll have access to a community of members comprised of… Continue reading »

30 Clean Eating Snacks

30 Clean Eating Snacks

30 Clean Eating Snacks If you are anything like me, my biggest struggle is keeping away from the snacks.  Honestly, if I could just snack all day, I’d be completely happy.  The key is to load your pantry and fridge with healthy options.  If you don’t have Cheetos, you won’t eat Cheetos. Try adding 8-10 of these clean eating snacks to… Continue reading »


Nutrition and Wellness Consultations

Nutrition & Wellness Consultations Today our lives are very busy and stressful.  Taking time off from work or trying to schedule routine office visits can be a hassle and we often neglect our own well being while taking care of others.  I am very excited to offer Nutrition and Wellness Consultations in a way that is convenient for you: by… Continue reading »

21 Day Challenge

21 Day Challenge

Are you ready to stop asking what if? What if you finally decided to try something different — you finally got tired of feeling tired all the time — and decided to say YES to something that could possibly CHANGE YOUR LIFE? Then this FREE 21 day challenge is for you! No miracle pill. No fad diet. No starving or… Continue reading »


Clean Eating Your Way to a Healthier You

HELLO EVERYONE! And welcome to Clean Eating Your Way to a Healthier You! So what is Clean Eating? Well, it’s a LIFESTYLE! Clean Eating Magazine explains Clean Eating as follows: The soul of clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. It is not a diet; it’s a lifestyle approach to… Continue reading »

Vanilla Energy Balls

Vanilla Energy Bites

These little guys are packed with protein, superfoods, healthy fats, and just the right amount of sweet to help diminish those cravings. Have at it! Here’s what you need: 1 scoop or 1 package Vanilla Shakeology 1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats 1/2 cup all-natural almond butter 1/4 cup honey 1/4 cup finely chopped raw almonds 1/4 cup dried cranberries Directions: Combine Shakeology and remaining ingredients in a medium… Continue reading »


Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Banana Bread

  Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Banana Bread I have been making some version or other of this Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Banana Bread more years than I can even remember. This recipe originally started from one of my very first cookbooks that I had when I was living on my own, a Betty Crocker/Better Homes and Garden cookbook. Actually even remember… Continue reading »

Blogging Essentials

Blogging Essentials Toolkit

Blogging Essentials Toolkit I love blogging and sharing what is important to me.  Want to know what a professional blogger uses to build her blog and business? You’ll find it all here! Here is my Blogging Essentials Toolkit which includes all the tools that I can’t live without as well as some alternates that I’ve used in the past.  Reach out to… Continue reading »

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